Aryan Sawhney
– Brown University

My counselors at Hale have been extremely helpful and supportive throughout the application process. Without their help, I don’t think that my application would be anywhere near as good as they are now. I’d like to thank  the entire Hale team for their support throughout the journey!

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Anagha Ramaswamy
– Stanford University, USA

Hale Education Group provided exceptional support throughout my college application journey. Despite joining just months before application season, I was able to stay on track, ahead of all my deadlines with the help of the counselors. What truly sets Hale apart is their unique approach to guiding students based on individualized passion and personality. From shortlisting the best universities suited for my interests, to essay reviews, Hale was instrumental in helping me gain admission to my dream university in the US.

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Charvi Khandelwal
– University of California, USA

Hale has given me amazing support and guidance with the university process. Being assigned a counselor to work with throughout high school has been beneficial to my personal growth and development as a student and adult. Peter is welcoming and is always around to help with any concerns. Even after coming back to Hale as a university student, I experience the same comfort and perspective-changing conversations. The people make up the organization and the people at Hale are wonderful and always ready to help!

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Kshitij Kant – Stanford University, USA

I have had the pleasure of working with Hale for the past 2 years, and I must say that their services are truly unparalleled. From start to finish, Hale provided exceptional guidance and support that exceeded my expectations. The team at Hale Education is  highly knowledgeable and professional, passionate about helping students succeed. They took the time to understand my goals, aspirations, and unique strengths, and created a personalized plan tailored to my needs.

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Asa Mittal
– Stanford University, USA

Working with Hale has been one of the best decisions I have made. My counselor has offered me the support and guidance that I have needed to extend myself and pursue what I am passionate about. It has not just been about getting into a good college but how I can have success in my career and personal life.

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Ralph ZaatarRalph Zaatar
20:13 26 Jun 24
It helped me get into my dream university in Michigan. So thankful for the help.
daoud boshehdaoud bosheh
20:09 26 Jun 24
Hale Education helped me a lot in my application process. I got into my dream university thanks to them.
Nandini NambiarNandini Nambiar
09:53 23 Jun 24
I had an amazing experience working with Ayesha as my university counsellor. She has been incredibly supportive and understanding throughout the entire process. Ayesha's guidance, expertise and personal touch in every meeting made a significant difference. Thanks to her, I got into some excellent universities that align perfectly with my goals. I highly recommend Ayesha to anyone seeking a dedicated and compassionate counsellor who genuinely cares about her students' success. She has been a great friend, philosopher and guide to me.
Fazal MohaniFazal Mohani
12:35 20 Jun 24
Ann DourvetakiAnn Dourvetaki
20:46 13 Jun 24
I am a proud mother of two young men. They both had the blessing to work closely with the very experienced staff of Hale Education Group for their application in the university. Applying to college wasn’t easy. The process involved major decisions, effort, planning, commitment, and a big dose of self-reflection. Hale’s experienced staff and particularly Peter Davos for almost 4 years made this experience an opportunity. He helped them recognized their true potential and show them the opportunity for further development, that motivated them to achieve all their academic goals.Hale provided them with guidance, insight, knowledge professionalism and all the support they needed in this crazy college process. The results were overwhelming. They both got accepted to colleges of their choice with scholarship. Aside from Peter’s vast experience and professionalism, his constant attention and caring far exceeded the scope of his responsibilities. We could not be more grateful.
Mark BarakatMark Barakat
12:43 11 Jun 24
Ayesha was an amazing help to my son Mark from day 1. She followed up constantly and was extremely informative, encouraging and helpful. A big thank you to Ayesha and all the Hale team for their amazing support.
Hasan FadlallahHasan Fadlallah
16:09 10 Jun 24
I can't speak highly enough of Hale Education Group and the incredible support they have provided for my daughter during her university application journey. As a leading independent educational consultancy in the GCC, Hale Education Group truly stands out for their expertise in US, UK, and Canadian university admissions.From the very beginning, we were impressed by their innovative model, which is deeply rooted in extensive experience in admissions counseling. Their holistic approach to the preparation and application processes has been instrumental in helping my daughter navigate this complex journey with confidence and clarity.What sets Hale Education Group apart is their focus on providing intensive one-on-one counseling and guidance. They take the time to understand each student's unique strengths, aspirations, and goals, ensuring a personalized and tailored approach. Their philosophy of holistic guidance and finding the right "fit" has resonated deeply with us.Thanks to Hale Education Group, my daughter feels well-prepared and optimistic about her future. Their support has been invaluable, and we are grateful for their commitment to helping students achieve their dreams. If you're looking for exceptional educational consultants, I highly recommend Hale Education Group.
Pooja ArnavPooja Arnav
14:11 10 Jun 24
My son Arnav was a Hale student for 4 years and has had the best experience possible. Our counselor Ukasha was very helpful and efficient. My son was guided in the right University choices and has been successful with his applications. The CEO of Hale Peter is very involved with every student’s applications and checks everything personally. He is always there to support students on their journey. For us Hale was home for 4 years and my son was very happy and comfortable dealing with everyone there. They prepare you for the SAT exams also. My son loved going to Hale and interacting with the team. He was able to discuss his future aspirations with Peter and was confident about his future journey. A very positive experience.

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