Hale is approved by the KHDA to administer College Counseling and Test Prep Services.

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From Dubai to Singapore, Beirut to Bahrain, we have helped hundreds of students identify their passions, find the best university fit, and carve a seamless path to college admissions.
Over40M USD
In merit-based scholarships from 2015-2020
Hale students studying in North American Universities
All Eight
Ivy League Universities have accepted Hale students.
of families seeking merit scholarships
or financial aid received it
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At Hale Education Group, we mentor and prepare high school students for admission to US and Canadian universities through one-on-one college counseling and test preparation. We also assist with preparatory and graduate school applications.

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Latest Posts


College Admissions

Understanding Majors, Minors and Electives

By Ijaaz Jackaria Choosing a field of study in college can be a daunting task. Navigating the hundreds of courses that universities offer, all while keeping the anxiety about picking the ‘wrong’ program or the wrong career at bay, is…

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College Admissions

Reading the Lines & What’s Between: What Admissions Officers Look For

By: Angela Jones-Glukhov At the most selective U.S. universities, it all happens, on average, in 7 minutes. The review of application forms, school reports, test scores, essays, and other materials that took years to develop and months to craft, is…

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College Admissions

Transitioning from Life as a UAE High School Student to a US University Student

By Simone Noorali Whether the UAE is the only home you’ve known or one of many, moving to the United States as a student is an undoubtedly unparalleled experience. Here in the multicultural metropolis of the Middle East, our exposure…

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Dubai City 7 Interview with Hale Founder Peter Davos


Hale 2020 Ivy Insider Webinar Series

Hear directly from Hale 2020 high achievers who secured acceptances to their dream universities