As the longest-serving business of its kind in the UAE, Hale has carefully formulated its approach to admissions consulting over the span of more than a decade. Key hallmarks of our system include in-person, face-to-face counselor sessions, and a commitment to the personal and academic growth of our students. We provide insights on optimal curriculum and extracurricular choices, test prep courses, and application assistance. Overall, our goal is to help students put their best foot forward to begin their university career.

Absolutely not! While beginning work with Hale as early as possible ensures the most comprehensive assistance, we accept new students up to their senior year. Hale can still provide important assistance in the most crucial stage of your admissions process.

College admissions consultants at Hale assist in the university research process, provide one-on-one mentorship, and generally assist with the admissions process. At Hale, this begins with building a compelling and competitive profile for students so that they may have the best chance at attending the college of their choice.

Hale is the most established company of its kind with more than a decade of experience serving in the UAE. Combined with our team of counselors, who hail from elite U.S. institutions, we are well equipped to cater to the needs of each individual student in a way that maximizes both potential and results.

For the purposes of our system, the ideal time to begin working with Hale is around the first year or two of high school, although there is never a bad time to join. Starting as early as possible gives our counselors plenty of time to carefully select extracurricular and academic opportunities with the student that will fully round out their profile as an applicant. It also provides ample opportunity to practice elements of the application process, like supplemental essays, which will ultimately contribute to strong application submissions.

While we don’t offer general academic tutoring services, we do offer test prep services for the SAT and ACT. Because of how crucial a component test scores are in an international student profile, it is something we highly recommend you take advantage of. In addition, we offer the tests themselves, which eliminates the hassle of seeking out testing centers.

We will work with any student, regardless of what their goal university is. While we will always aim to achieve admission to the top university on a student’s list, that list does not look the same for everyone. Different students value different factors more or less heavily than their peers, and we seek to assist with balancing these objectives in the construction of a well-rounded college list.

Get in touch with us. You will be able to schedule a meeting with one of our representatives who can go through the details of our service packages with you.

The colleges we select in collaboration with the student are sorted into three different categories: Reach, Target, and Safety. Reach schools are defined as those where the students' profile may fall below that of the average admit, or universities that have extraordinarily low acceptance rates, like Harvard. Target schools are those in which the average admit’s profile fits the profile of the student more or less exactly. Safety schools are those in which the average admit’s profile falls below the student’s. These categories will shift depending on the profile of the student, but we will always strive for admission into the best possible university.

The more colleges you apply to, the more you improve your chances. However, as far as the exact number, we recommend you apply to at least 12. We have found that this number provides an optimal balance of Safety, Target, and Reach schools that satisfies the needs of the average student.

Hale can help you get into your dream university!