We take pride in being the longest-serving higher education consultancy in the industry, consistently delivering outstanding results in the region for over 10 years.

With a dedicated team of counselors based in the UAE, we encourage you to make the most of our services by attending as many face-to-face sessions as possible.

Every Hale student at our institution gains access to a diverse team of counselors hailing from prestigious universities in the USA and UK. These counselors prioritize building a unique rapport with each student to offer personalized guidance over dozens of one-on-one sessions.

Our commitment to ethical practices means that we do not engage in any commission-based deals with universities. We do not accept placement fees/commission from universities. We are completely independent & solely focus towards the student's best interests.

We unleash student's potential through a comprehensive multiyear plan focused on academic achievement, extra-curricular development, personal growth & intellectual exploration.