We will assist you with figuring out and shortlisting the best possible options for internships based on your interests and choices!

Importance of Internships and ECA

Embarking on internships or extracurricular activities has proven to hold significant importance for students aspiring to attend Universitys in the USA. Such experiences add to the holistic, cosmopolitan, and charismatic profile of the applicant; traits that are favored by most universities in the USA. Providing a practical educational experience beyond the classroom is crucial for fostering personal growth, leadership skills, professional connections, and a strong work ethic that prepares students for a competitive workforce. The ability to balance academics with diverse passions also showcases the student’s commitment and profound time management which makes them more appealing to University admissions committees. Internships and extracurriculars can also be an opportunity to explore other career options and gain industry-specific skills for students who possess an open-minded approach to the multitude of possibilities.

Types of internships-

  • Summer programs
  • Virtual internships-Programmes that simulate real job experience at leading organizations and also link students to those organizations. This helps students gain important tools and abilities necessary to execute activities that mirror an employee's work day.
  • Internships with companies