World Class Education

You can access amazing institutions highly ranked on the global rankings list. For example:
- McGill University #31
- University of Toronto #34
- University of British Columbia #47


When a student leaves his home country what comforts & makes their life easy are the people they live with.

Canada is ranked #1 in the world in terms of quality of living & which encourages every student looking for the best places to study abroad.


Fees & costs are significant reasons while shortlisting a country when exploring the best places to study abroad.

You can study for a 4-year degree at a Canadian equivalent “Ivy League-Esque school,” for half the cost of a US school. What a deal!

Co-operative Education

Cooperative education, often known as co-op education in Canada, is a program that allows you to work in a field connected to your studies.

Almost all post-secondary universities in Canada offer co-op as part of the academic curriculum.

Citizenship Opportunities

Unlike the UK and the US, Canada offers direct pathways to international students to secure permanent residency and citizenship.

Child Study Courses

Courses provide students with the skills to analyze children affected by various social, cultural, economic and environmental factors.