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 I don’t think I would’ve had as good as a result without the help of Jeffrey, being a French student I was really scared that I wouldn’t be able to understand anything but even when there was a language barrier Jeffrey  still took the time to explain everything for me to understand. I feel like I benefited from these classes just as much as all the other English students.

I would really recommend these classes to others because it really helps.not only does it help you in every single section of the SAT but you also learn  about the method and what is expected from you. The classes passed by so fast because it’s very interactive and you learn while still having fun


Working with Hale Institute has given me so many advantages in terms of SAT, personal tutoring and university preparations. I am so very thankful for my SAT instructor Azusa who has helped me push through tough questions but has also provided me with a joy to learning new things and really questioning why something is the way it is and how we use it. The one on one tutoring is very personalized and Azusa made sure that we worked on the aspects that needed the most attention. We accomplished many things in a short space of time and I cannot express my gratitude. I am so thankful for Hale's guidance, the team is absolutely wondering and always kind and understanding towards their students needs.

The class was very dynamic and small with a very interactive learning environment. I always liked the group discussion about any topic in the exam as it engaged me to think outside the box. The error logs were particularly interesting as I would have to find the type of mistake I was doing in the diagnostic tests and improve on those areas.

I joined Hale Education Group while in my penultimate year at English College. With their help and guidance, I’ve already been admitted into 10 universities, a feat I would have struggled to pull off on my own. Thanks to the Hale Education team, not only have I gained valuable clarity about the next four years of my life, but I’ve also become more organized and effective at managing my time, allowing me to strike a healthy balance between school and my career as a swimmer. Their vast knowledge of US universities helped me narrow my search and find the right university in the right location, and my parents now feel more secure about sending me to other side of the world. I’m excited about the idea of attending The University of Tampa, my top choice, and pursuing a degree in Psychology and Biology.

I could not be more grateful to have had Hale Education Group to guide me during a relaxed but exciting application process. Without their help, I would have never visited and found the school of my dreams – which I have now been accepted into with a scholarship! With the encouragement of Peter and his counselors, I was able to stay right on track throughout the application season, happily finishing all my essays well before each deadline. All 5 of my early action schools came back with acceptances so far, along with 4 merit scholarships, results I am so overjoyed about! Hale has been an incredibly supportive team and I am beyond thankful for all they have helped me achieve.

I’ve been working on my college plans with Hale since November 2013 and I can honestly say that they have done wonders to help me prepare for studies in the US.

The Hale team has helped me plan out each and every aspect of the journey that is the college application, leaving no stone unturned. Thanks to Hale, all my summers were extremely productive; I enrolled in summer programs and courses for college credit, and also did internships to get experience in the workforce. Community service is something a lot of students struggle to find in Dubai, but thanks to Hale, I was able to commit to a program outside of school for over two years.None of this would have been possible without Mr Davos and his team of dedicated counsellors.

found Hale’s services most useful in perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of the entire application: the college essay. Mr Davos and I had numerous brainstorming sessions over the summer to plan a college essay that was unique and my own. With the help of Hale’s counsellors, I was able to finish my main essay before school even started, so I was able to manage the supplements of 18 colleges quite well.

Mr Davos and his team did a really good job at not only helping me with my application, but also making me more intellectually curious. I would have not even thought about studying the humanities had it not been for Mr Davos’ kind words and support. With Hale, I have found new academic interests that I am keen to pursue at an undergraduate level. None of what I have accomplished would have been possible without Mr Davos’ input along with the aid of his colleagues. I highly recommend Hale Education Group to anyone considering applying to a university in the USA.

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