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Breaking Down the Gates: An Insider’s Guide to U.S. Admissions

Learn about the U.S. holistic admissions process by becoming admissions officers yourself! In this workshop, participants assume the role of admissions officers for the fictitious Franklin University, one of America’s most selective private colleges. As the new admissions committee, you will race the clock to make life-changing decisions—who gets in and who does not.

You will explore questions like:

What are admissions officers actually looking for?
What parts of an application are most important and why?
Why do some students get in while other deserving students do not?
This workshop is appropriate for high school students of any grade, parents, teachers, counselors, school administrators, as well as real new admissions officers. While it is a virtual workshop, Breaking Down the Gates is interactive, so come prepared to question, discuss, debate, vote, and debate again!
To prepare for the workshop, participants need to download & read a few admissions applications in advance. Find the materials here